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The first option that you have means that when you give your money for the vehicle it becomes completely yours. But that means that all the taxes included would also be paid by you. Moreover if you need it just for a little while or few years, then there is no really big point in buying it, because you will end up selling it, without any profit.There are three great ways of getting a vehicle. It doesn't matter if it is for business or personal use, to take a van you must buy, rent or lease it. Also you must look out for the small details in the contract like damage fees and the flexibility of the time period of usage of the van. You must be really careful when reading the contract, because once it is inked, you will be obliged by the law, to take up to your end of the deal.Van leasing is the best choice you have, if you want to take a van, even if you want it for personal use, but by far it is especially the greatest choice when it comes to business. The second option you have is renting. There you pay to use the vehicle for a certain period of time. But when renting it, you have only one option - of using the vehicle for a very small period of time, it could be from few days, to few weeks.The third option is the best one. It is called van leasing. In van leasing you get the vehicle you want for a long period of time, and depending on the company you make contract with, you could end up with your money you gave away for tax and VET back. call台 van rental call 貨van 電召車 However, like in the other two options, you have to be very careful when choosing the leasing company and the van dealer. When choosing a dealer and a van you must negotiate as much as you can in order for the offer to fit best to you and your expectations. When choosing a leasing company to sign a contract with you must make thorough research regarding it, and choose the most suitable contract for you, that the company has to offer.