According to statistics of all bicycle

According to statistics, thirty six percent of all bicycle related fatalities happens between 6p.m. and midnight. Most states have tried to reduce the number of bicycle collisions and accidents by putting up bike routes and specific bike lanes. But not all roads have these specific facilities so bicycle accidents are still happening. Causes of Bicycle Collisions Bicycle collisions and accidents usually do not involve bicycles alone. Most of the time it involves other vehicles like cars, trucks and buses. Bicycle collisions and accidents can be caused by a number of things. Here are some of the most common causes: * Road condition - Poor road conditions like road potholes or loose gravel can affect the balance and control of the bicycle and could cause him to crash and collide with another vehicle or another object.Always wear a helmet. The use of helmets reduces the possibility of death and head injuries like Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). * Practice safe driving. Avoid doing stunts and reckless driving on the road. Drive conspicuously and try to be as predictable as can be for other motorists. * Drive with the traffic. Driving against the traffic makes you almost invisible to other drivers and increases chances of being hit. * Mount special seats for a child. If you have a child passenger, make sure that there is a special seat that fits behind the main seat. Spoke guard should also be installed to protect the child's legs. The child should also have a separate helmet.